Tim Burton is one of the most iconic and prolific directors in Hollywood.

His 18th film — “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” — opens this weekend.

In his review of “Miss Peregrine’s”, Variety’s chief film critic Peter Debruge says the film  — based Ransom Riggs’ novel about a group of special children with extraordinary powers — may as well have been written for Tim Burton to direct.

Debruge notes Burton successfully revisits and expand motifs and themes from his earlier work, including “Big Fish,” “Frankenweenie,” and perhaps his best known work, “Edward Scissorhands.” It not unexpected for a director as prolific as Burton — who’s been making films for three decades — to draw upon the past.

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But not all of his past movies are winners, and box office success doesn’t always equate to critical success. “Alice in Wonderland” pulled in $1 billion worldwide, but ranks among Burton’s worst, according to Variety’s  other chief film critic, Owen Gleiberman.

Where do the likes of “Batman,” “Sweeney Todd,” and “Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride” rank? (“The Nightmare Before Christmas” isn’t on Gleiberman’s list because Burton served as producer on the film, not director.) “Miss Peregrine’s” is also too new to add.

Click on the “Launch Gallery” below to see of Tim Burton’s films ranked, from worst to best. And then tell Variety in the comments whether Gleiberman got them right or not.

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