In the coming-of-age comedy Everybody Wants Some!!,” Blake Jenner (“Glee”) plays a freshman experiencing his first weekend in college. While his character learns plenty, Jenner himself got a crash course on the filmmaking style of director Richard Linklater. Jenner’s upcoming gigs include the drama “Billy Boy,” which he wrote and in which he co-stars with wife Melissa Benoist.

In the movie, you play a college athlete — a baseball pitcher. Did you relate to the role?

I didn’t go to college, but my brother played football at Jacksonville University. I went to visit, and got a glimpse of that scene during one of his first semesters. I’m curious about people who went through a college experience, and how this film relates to their own first experience with college.

How did you like working with Richard Linklater?

I didn’t think much about it during the actual filming, but now I realize how much I picked up from the experience, working with Rick and all those guys.

You’re a pitcher in the film. Had you played much baseball before you got the role?

Part of the rehearsals involved sharpening our skills for the positions we were playing, so for most of us, it was a crash course in learning how to play the sport.

There were a lot of parties in the movie. Which was the one you could see yourself checking out in real life?

My favorite type would probably have to be the punk concert, because you can just people-watch and take in the whole environment.

What do you think people will take away from the film?

It takes place in a different era, but you can see how nothing has really changed from when our parents went to college.