In honor of the tenth anniversary of Gary Sanchez Productions, headed by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, the press-shy founder grants a rare interview.

You’re an entrepreneur, but how did you come to be involved in filmmaking?
I am an entrepreneur, a leader of the people, a weapons expert and a trainer of big cats. In short, I look for the special and powerful things in life. When I saw “Talladega Nights,” my bodyguards, ladies and I laughed and laughed. At first I was uncomfortable that these strange doughy white men had taken control of my emotions the way they had and I put a hit on them. But then while hunting on my private game preserve that night I thought, “Why should I not buy what I am afraid of, rather than destroy it?” It was then that I knew I  would own Adam and Will.

Is there a motto or theme that defines  a Gary Sanchez Prods.?
“Loyalty, strength, laughter and sexiness.” I’m currently paying someone to translate that into Latin and will have it tattooed on Will and Adam’s calves whether they prefer it or not.

How involved are you on a day-to-day basis with the running of the company?
I have cameras in the Sanchez offices and in all employees’ homes. I am aware of everything … everything. When I sense things are not up to the Gary Sanchez standard I will fly my helicopter and take Will and Adam over international waters, where there is no law, and scream at them until their faces become compliant and afraid. Then I take them to Macau for a week of pleasure that may not be spoken of near lawyers or law enforcement officials.

What has been your proudest accomplishment in your time here?
One time I fought a man from the hills of Paraguay named Bako who was large and fearless. He had killed jaguars with a stick many times. I broke his neck while his whole village watched and cried. Oh wait, you mean my proudest accomplishment in regards to the company? That would be “Daddy’s Home,” “Eastbound and Down,” “Drunk History” and “Step Brothers.” I also think “Welcome to Me” is a gem.