Suicide Squad” dominated the global box office in its opening weekend, racking up a massive $132 million from 57 territories.

The comic-book adaptation centers on a band of super villains who find themselves working for the U.S. government in return for reduced prison sentences. Critics hated the movie, but “Suicide Squad” has so far been review-proof, earning $267 million globally since it began rolling out this week.

Warner Bros. has a lot riding on the film. It spent $175 million to make the movie, plus millions more to market and distribute the film. Even more important, “Suicide Squad,” like “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” before it, is intended to fit into an interconnected film universe centered around DC Comics’ heroes and villains.

The film’s foreign opening ranks as the second-biggest for a DC property and the fifth-biggest in Warners’ history. Among the notable results, “Suicide Squad” racked up $13.9 million in the United Kingdom, took in $11.3 million in Russia, earned $11.3 million in Brazil and pulled in $10.7 million in South Korea. The film did face a bit of bad news, however, with reports surfacing that it will not get a berth in China, the world’s second-largest market for film.

Illumination Entertainment and Universal’s “The Secret Life of Pets” scored a second place finish, racking up $68.6 million from more than 40 territories. The animated hit looks at what animals do when their owners are at work. It has racked up $502.2 million since opening in July. “The Secret Life of Pets” got a big assist from China, where it opened last weekend to $28.9 million. 

It was a big debut, but “Pets” was no match for a local language blockbuster. “Time Raiders,” a Chinese fantasy adventure, dominated the box office in the Middle Kingdom, earning $64.6 million in its opening weekend for a third place finish on the foreign charts.

Fourth place went to “Jason Bourne” with $20.9 million, bringing the spy sequel’s global gross to $195.3 million. Two films are currently tied for fifth position — “Ice Age: Collision Course” and “Finding Dory” — both with $11.5 million. That puts the latest “Ice Age’s” worldwide haul at $288.1 million and the “Finding Nemo” sequel’s bounty at $870.3 million.