Captain America: Civil War” is dominating the global box office in advance to its domestic debut this weekend.

The Marvel/Disney superhero sequel has generated $261.6 million overseas since it began rolling out in foreign territories last week. On Wednesday, the film racked up another $20.1 million.

“Captain America: Civil War” launches in Russia and Argentina on Thursday. It kicks off in the U.S. and China this Friday. The film has earned strong reviews and is expected to debut to as much as $200 million this weekend, one of the five biggest openings in history. Advance ticket sales have been robust. On Fandango, the film set a new record for a superhero movie and currently comprises 90% of the online ticketer’s weekend sales.

In addition to the critical embrace, “Captain America: Civil War” has some other factors working in its favor. The film offers a clash of A-list heroes, as Captain America (Chris Evans) squares off against Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), dividing the Avengers over a government plan to register the super powered. It also introduces Tom Holland’s take on Spider-Man and marks the first appearance of Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther, two characters that are fanboy and fangirl favorites.

Overseas, the film has done particularly well in South Korea ($35.2 million), the United Kingdom ($31.8 million), Mexico ($25.6 million), Brazil ($17.1 million), Australia ($13.2 million) and Japan ($12.4 million).