Yet another awards season dawns in the wake of best picture glory for yet another scrappy Michael Keaton indie. Are you ready?

Six months after “Spotlight” squeezed past films like “The Big Short” and “The Revenant” in the final stretch of a competitive year, the next few months honestly don’t seem quite so exciting. But that’s often the case from afar. “It’s going to be a weak year” is a common refrain, and before you know it, people are feverishly speculating on how close the Producers Guild vote was.

So the 2016-2017 awards season has its own journey to take, and there are films set to unspool over the next four months that give the season its own unique profile. Check out 20 that I’ve personally earmarked below.

(Note: A number of movies releasing in the fall have already been vetted at previous festivals, from the bold and now controversial “The Birth of a Nation,” to the gut-wrenching “Manchester by the Sea,” to the quietly moving “Loving.” They won’t be included in this round-up, but they’ll no doubt have an impact on the landscape as well.)

20 Most Anticipated New Films of the 2016-17 Oscar Season