Thursday night, the cast of “Almost Christmas” gathered at the Regency Village Theater for the film’s Los Angeles premiere. The cast looked ahead to the upcoming presidential election, and shared their hopes and dreams for the 2016 Academy Awards.

“I’m rooting for the best person,” said 2010 Best Supporting Actress Mo’Nique for her role in “Precious.” “That’s who I’m rooting for. If there’s a person of color that’s in it, I believe they had to give the best performance ever for us to get nominated for it. So you know when you get to that level it had to be one kind of performance.”

Will Packer, producer of “Almost Christmas,” was more specific by listing “Moonlight,” “Birth of a Nation,” “Fences,” and “Hidden Figures,” as hopeful nods. “There are too many movies that I haven’t seen yet to really kind of intelligently recap the race if you will, but I’m definitely hoping that this year feels more inclusionary for all types of stories, filmmakers, and talent than it has been in the past.”

However, campaigning for award season ended there. Romany Malco told Variety, “I watched the Oscars one time and it was because I thought that Angela Bassett or Laurence Fishburne were going to win for ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ [in 1994] and they didn’t even come close. When I looked at the competition, I said, ‘This isn’t for me’ and I’ve really never watched the Oscars again. I don’t know what Oscar-worthy is because I don’t follow it – especially in this day and age there are so many other methods of gratification for good work. Why give the Oscars all that attention? That’s not to knock it, it’s just not my thing.”

Instead, Malco mentioned he’d like to see more public passion for local issues in the election which is a sentiment his fellow cast member Danny Glover agreed with. “All I’ve been doing is going around and supporting local candidates. I don’t care if it’s the mayor of Berkeley or the congressman from Silicon Valley,” said Glover. “That’s the important part of this election, that’s the essential part of this election. Who we elect at the other places. I haven’t thought about the Oscars, real life exists on the street right now.”

“Almost Christmas” bows Nov. 11.

(Pictured: Mo’Nique and Danny Glover)