Japanese talent agency, Yoshimoto Kogyo is to launch an entertainment school training a wide range of film, music and performing arts personnel.

The school will be located in the island prefecture of Okinawa, where Yoshimoto today kicks off the 8th edition of its Okinawa International Movie Festival (April 21-24,) The school is expected to open its doors from 2018.

“Several candidate locations in Okinawa Prefecture are being assessed, as Yoshimoto Kogyo discusses with local governments and other parties involved,” the company said in a statement. “The entertainment school is bound to help young people and children from throughout Japan and Asia identify and nurture their dreams of finding work they love,” the company said .

Courses will typically last two years. The school also envisages summer schools, open training and overseas programs.

Advisors putting together the syllabus include Tony award winner Hinton Battle, U.S. talent agency Creative Artists Agency, and Chicago improv school The Second City.

Course elements will not only focus on performance. They are expected also to include technical course in visual effects, production design, costume design, and make-up, 3D CG and lighting. Production elements will also cover legal affairs and marketing.

Among the likely course instructors are Emmy Award winning dancer, choreographer, and actress Debbie Allen, (“Fame”,) and actor, producer, and businessman Masi Oka (“Heroes”.)