Wanda Cinema Line Corp. plans to add new 3D projection systems from RealD Inc. to 4,000 screens over the next four years, the worldwide 3D licensing company announced Monday.

Combined with 1,600 installations already completed by RealD, the company will outfit a total of 5,600 screens for Wanda. Announcing the partnership was Michael V. Lewis, CEO and founder of RealD.

The significant expansion across China augments what is already one of the largest markets in the world for consumption of films, including in the 3D format, Following completion of the agreement, RealD will have its technology in a total of 32,000 screens in 72 nations.

RealD and Wanda first began collaborating together in 2010.

“As audiences throughout China continue to seek more and more 3D content, Wanda is investing in the very best systems and technology that allow for the highest quality presentation of 3D movies,” said a statement from Xiaobin Liu, executive president of Wanda Cinema Line.  Xiaobin called the 3D installations “a significant part of our growth strategy.”

Lewis called China “the world’s most significant 3D market.” Anthony Marcoly, president  of worldwide cinema for RealD, said Wanda’s expansion “mirrors the rapid growth of the Chinese cinema business as well as the movie business in China as a whole.”

The two companies also announced that Wanda had committed to RealD’s quality-control program — known as 6FL Certification — to assure the brightness and quality of images from its projects equipment.