1990s action film star, Steven Seagal (“Under Seige,” “On Deadly Ground”) has unveiled plans to launch a production company in Thailand and produce at least two movies in the country.

Seagal last week visited the parliament building in Bangkok and held meetings with members of the National Reform Steering Assembly. The NRSA is an advisory body reporting to the National Council for Peace and Order, the official name for the military government that seized power in 2014.

Seagal did not provide details of the company or the planned movies, though hinted that they would each use different locations and feature Thailand’s ‘muay thai’ form of martial arts.

Alongkorn Ponlaboot, NRSA VP, said that the venture could boost the country’s creative economy, notably its film industry, economy and tourism, all of which were in line with the NRSA’s reform plans.

Seagal stressed his veneration of Thailand’s King Bhumibol and his own Buddhist beliefs. He previously shot “Belly of the Beast” in Thailand in 2003.