Star Trek Beyond” will get a theatrical release in mainland Chinese cinemas in September.

State-controlled media reported Tuesday that the Paramount Pictures franchise movie had been granted an optimal Friday release on Sept. 2.

“Star Trek Beyond” has investment backing from Alibaba Pictures Group, which also confirmed the date in an email to Variety.

The date appears to allow it to avoid a head-on clash with other Hollywood titles’ outings in China. Ten days earlier, “Jason Bourne” and Ice Age: Collision Course” collide with Aug. 23 releases.

Alibaba Pictures will also provide marketing, promotion and merchandising services to the picture. Releasing of revenue sharing import films is usually handled by state-owned enterprises China Film Group or Huaxia Distribution.

The picture is released in North American cinemas by Paramount from this week (July 22.)

A previous instalment in the franchise, “Into Darkness” was released in China in 2013. It grossed some $56.9 million.

After a weak second quarter at the box office, the Chinese film industry regulators appear to have softened their usual stance that prevents revenue-sharing import films from releasing in mid-summer.

In the first half of the year cumulative box office revenues were up by 21% to some $4 billion.
Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie were recently in China promoting “The Legend of Tarzan” ahead of its release today (Tuesday 19 July).