Live from Dhaka,” the debut film of 31-year-old Abdullah Mohammad Saad, will begin its global festival journey with a world premiere at the Singapore international film festival on Dec. 2. The film is in contention at the Silver Screen Awards.

The film follows a partially handicapped man who plots ways and means to leave Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

“I have been living in Dhaka for over a decade. And I have kind of a love and hate relationship with this city. Probably that feeling compelled me to conceive this character who can’t take this city anymore and wants to migrate in search of a better life,” Saad told Variety.

The micro-budget film is produced by Khelna Chobi and stars Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury, Mir Mosharrof Hossen and Shimul Joy.

Saad began his journey by making a few shorts before venturing into directing television commercials. He is the latest entrant in the new wave of filmmakers from Bangladesh who are now featuring increasingly regularly at international film festivals.

“The independent film scene in Bangladesh is growing, and fast,” says Saad. “We had some very interesting films in last couple of years. Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s “Ant Story”, Kamar Ahmad Simon’s “Are you Listening!”, Bijon’s “Kingdom of Clay Subjects”, and Abu Shahed Emon’s “Jalal’s Story” to name a few. I am sure these films will inspire young aspiring filmmakers out there to dive into their projects.”