India’s Reliance Entertainment has partnered with Julie Gayet’s Rouge International, and Elisa Soussan’s myFamily, to produce mountain-set action drama, “nOmber One.” The picture is to be directed by Serge Hazanavicius, actor-director, and brother of Michel Hazanavicius, who won the best director Oscar for “The Artist.”

Reliance Entertainment is the film investment and distribution operation of billionaire Anil Ambani. It recently confirmed its participation in Steven Spielberg’s new studio Amblin Partners.

Production will take in both France and India. Principal photography is expected to start in February 2016 in France, and the film will move to the Indian Himalayas in March and April. The lead role goes to Kev Adams (“Les Profs 2,” “Les Nouvelles Aventures d’Aladin”).

The screenplay is by written by Serge Hazanavicius, Mary-Noelle Dana, Alexis Galmot and Stephane Dan, a mountaineering expert who has been involved in some 100 movies.

Gayet is a leading French actress known for roles in “Select Hotel, “My Best Friend,” and “Chaos and Desire.” She formed production outfit Rouge international in with Nadia Turincev in 2007.

“’nOmber One’ tells the story of a quest, and of the ascension of a uniquely talented young man, in a world gone mad, a world of commerce and mercantile deals. It is also the tale of a father-son relationship between two men who share the same passion, of how events tear them apart, and of how a love of the snow, and quite simply love itself, brings them back together again,” said the producers in a statement. “The movie is a story of riders, the daring last action heroes who risk their lives for a beautiful run, for an ephemeral race carved out on the sheer, white face of a remote and isolated mountain.”