Lotte Entertainment, South Korea’s second largest vertically integrated film conglomerate, is launching action thriller “The Hunt” at this week’s FilMart. It is produced by Kim Han-min, director of “Roaring Currents,” the biggest film ever at the Korean box office.

The story sees a hunter risk his life to protect his village neighbors, who witness strange gold miners and find themselves in danger. Currently in post-production, the film stars veteran Ahn Sung-ki (“Revivre”) and in-demand supporting actor Cho Jin-woong (“Assassination”).

FilMart is Lotte’s 2016 sales market debut, having skipped Berlin’s European Film Market last month. And the company is keeping things tight with only a modest four titles on its Hong Kong slate.

Other titles included “The Last Princess,” Hur Jin-ho’s first Korean-language feature since 2009’s “A Good Rain Knows,” which it launched at last year’s Asian Film Market in Busan. The historical melodrama focuses on the life of Deok-hye, the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty, and her attempts to return home from Japan with help from her childhood lover.

Another period drama launched in Busan last year, “Love, Lies” is directed by Park Heung-sik (“Memories of the Sword”). Set in Seoul during the Japanese imperial period, “Love” focuses on the tragic relationship between two female singers and a composer with whom both girls fall in love. Starring Han Hyo-joo (“The Beauty Inside”), indie heroine Chun Woo-hee (“Han Gong-ju”) and Yoo Yeon-seok (“Mood of the Day”), the music drama is set for an April release in Korea.

Lotte is also selling “Sori: Voice From the Heart,” a sci-fi drama featuring a satellite robot and a man who is desperately searching for his missing daughter. “Sori” made $2.93 million from ticket sales during its Korean theatrical run in January.