New release, “London Has Fallen” landed on the top of the Chinese box office in what was a quiet weekend at the movies.

Released on Friday, the disaster action film topped the charts on each day of the session and finished with $24.0 million after three days.

Among the recent Chinese releases, “Chongqing Hotpot” was the strongest through the weekend. In second throughout the weekend, it added $11.0 million to claim $48.0 million after 10 days.

With a strong Saturday and Sunday following a quiet Friday, “Zootopia” added $6.20 million in three days. Its run has been extended by Chinese regulators and after 38 days it has amassed a cumulative of $232 million. It is now the second biggest score of the year, only behind “The Mermaid.”

Chinese action picture, “The Bodyguard” slipped from first place to fourth. It earned $6.20 million over the weekend, for a 10 day cumulative of $45.3 million.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” lost a further 78% and slipped from fourth to fifth place as it scored $2.81 million. After 17 days the picture has amassed $94 million.

Chinese film, “Who Sleeps My Bro” earned $2.23 million. After 10 days it has a cumulative of $17.8 million.

“The Revenant” played on, adding $530,000, nudging its cumulative to $57.9 million after 24 days.