Fox’s “The Revenant” opened on top of the Korean box office, earning $5.5 million from 821,000 admissions between Thursday and Sunday.

The survivalist drama was the best opening score for both director Alejandro Inarritu and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. “The Dark Knight Rises,” which earned $14.8 million over opening four days, remains Tom Hardy’s best Korean debut.

Launching on the same day as “Revenant,” local romantic drama “Mood of the Day” opened in second. The Showbox release made $2.36 million from 354,900 admissions over first four days.

The previous week’s winner, “The Good Dinosaur” slipped to third, earning $1.66 million between Friday and Sunday, for a total of $6 million after two weekends.

CJ Entertainment’s “The Himalayas” and Showbox’s “Inside Men: The Original” took fourth and fifth place. “Himalayas” added $1.24 million between Friday and Sunday for $47.8 million after five weeks. “Inside” earned $1.1 million for a cumulative $12.5 million after three weeks.

UPI’s “Goosebumps,” opened in sixth, with $1.14 million between Thursday and Sunday.

Japanese animation “Crayon Shin-Chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack” remained in seventh spot. It has made $1.21 million after two weekends.

“Point Break” and “Sherlock” dropped to eighth and ninth, with respective totals of $1.82 million after three weeks and $8.12 million after two weekends.