Now You See Me 2” debuted last Wednesday (Jul. 13), with 1,200 screens, and arrived on top of the Korean box office. It commanded a 34% market share. With a hefty $2.24 million of paid previews in the previous week, the Lotte Entertainment release has a total of $12.6 million from 1.74 million admissions.

Korean zombie thriller, Yeon Sang-ho’s Cannes entry “Train to Busan” also benefited from wide previews and took second spot, without officially opening in cinemas. Taking up 431 screens between Friday and Sunday, the NEW release earned $4.29 million. The blockbuster is set for a full release on Jul. 20.

Winners from the previous week, “Finding Dory” and period drama “Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River,” slipped to third and fourth. Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” sequel earned $3.75 million between Friday and Sunday for a total of $12.6 million after two weekends. CJ’s “Seondal” added $3.01 million to extend its total to $12.7 million after two weekends.

Survival thriller “The Shallows” opened in fifth, earning $1.57 million between Wednesday and Sunday.

Showbox’s “Familyhood” earned $961,000 between Friday and Sunday and now stands on a total of $14.4 million after three weeks on release. Newcomer “Trick” earned $210,000 between Wednesday and Sunday. “Trick” sees a producer make a documentary about a man who only has six months to live, while striking a deal with his boss that he gets promoted if the documentary becomes a hit.