Kung Fu Panda 3,” distributed by CJ Entertainment, brushed aside “The Revenant” and debuted on top of the the Korean box office.

It scored $10.5 million from 1.6 million admissions between Thursday and Sunday. Opening on 1,364 screens nationwide, the animated comedy accounted for 68% of the total weekend box office revenue.

The opening score is below “Kung Fu Panda 2,” which made $12.5 million over four days ahead of a cumulative $36.6 million. But both “Panda” episodes had stronger openings than the biggest animated film in Korea, Disney’s “Frozen” which debuted with $7.68 million.

Lotte Entertainment’s sci-fi drama “SORI: Voice from the Heart” debuted in second, earning $1.82 million between Wednesday and Sunday. “SORI” is the story of a bond between a human father and a robot who helps him search for his missing daughter.

NEW’s war drama “A Melody to Remember” slipped to third in its second weekend. It made $1.14 million between Friday and Sunday, for a total of $5.67 million after two weekends on release.

“The Revenant” slipped to fourth place, earning $1.2 million for a total of $12.5 million after three weekends. Oscar-nominated, “The Big Short” dropped to fifth. The drama about the financial crisis made $604,000 million between Friday and Sunday, extending its total to $2.35 million after two weekends.

Local drama “The Himalayas,” in sixth place, now has a cumulative of $49.6 million after seven weeks. “Inside Men: The Original,” in seventh, stands on $13.9 million after five weeks. “Mood of the Day” has a cumulative $4.21 million after three weeks.