Korea Box Office: ‘Insane’ Lands on Top, ‘Batman’ Tumbles

Korea Box Office: ‘Insane’ Top Charts
Courtesy of M-Line Distribution

R-rated local thriller “Insane” debuted on top of the Korean box office, ousting “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Earning $2.6 million from 355,000 admissions between Thursday and Sunday, the picture accounted for 30% of the total weekend box office.

“Insane” recounts the story of a woman taken to a psychiatric hospital against her will in broad daylight.

“Zootopia” remained in second. The Walt Disney animation made $1.59 million between Friday and Sunday, extending its total to $26.7 million after eight weekends.

Opening on Thursday, newcomers “10 Cloverfield Lane,” “Eddie the Eagle” and “Trumbo” landed in third, fourth and sixth places, respectively. Distributed by Lotte Entertainment, “Cloverfield” earned $1.7 million over four days. “Eddie” scored $985,000. “Trumbo” earned $233,000.

“Batman v Superman” tumbled to fifth, with a drop of 70%. The superhero movie earned $781,000 between Friday and Sunday, for a total of $15.9 million after three weekends.

Re-released after 20 years, “Before Sunrise” opened in seventh. The melodrama earned $157,000 between Thursday and Sunday. Opening on the same day, U.S.-Chile co-produced “The 33” made $232,500.