TOKYO – “The Secret Life of Pets” won its second weekend at the Japanese box office, topping the rankings for the Aug. 20-21 frame.

In its first eleven days on release, with Toho-Towa distributing, the animation has earned $23 million from 1.88 million admissions. That exceeds the box office pace of another Illumination Entertainment hit, the 2015 “Minions,” which finished with $52 million in Japan.

Though again relegated to the number two slot, “Shin Godzilla” steadily built its cumulative total to $38 million after twenty days on release. With a large number of repeat visitors, including those trying to parse complexities that include nearly 300 characters, the film seems likely to keep drawing fans well into the fall.

Ranking highest among the new releases, at number three, was “Yell for the Blue Sky.” Directed by veteran Takahiro Miki and released by Toho, this teen romance about a budding trumpeter’s crush on a high school baseball player earned $1.96 million and looks on course for more than $10 million.

Bowing in the number four slot was “Ghostbusters,” which opened on Aug. 19 nationwide and in its first weekend recorded $2.36 million on about 160,000 admissions. The earnings figure beat “Yell,” but the Japanese film sold slighter more tickets – the deciding factor in local box office rankings.