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Los Angeles-based sales and finance firm IM Global has added two upcoming titles from leading Chinese studio Huayi Brothers Media to its sales roster at FilMart.

“New York, New York” and “Beautiful Accident” follow IM Global’s recent addition of “The Mermaid,” Stephen Chow’s eco-fantasy which, with $517 million, is the all-time top-grossing film from China.

“New York New York” is a romantic drama from first-time director Luo Dong that gets a mainstream China release on April 15. The picture stars in-demand Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan (“Paradise in Service,” “Monga”) and Chinese star Du Juan (“American Dreams in China”.) The story is a 1990-set piece involving a hotel concierge, a flighty female, a visa service that turns out to be a scam and a revenge trip to America when the scam unravels.

“Beautiful Accident,” directed by Ho Wi Ding, who previously directed “Respire,” is a romantic drama in the style of “Heaven Can Wait” about a woman sent back from the afterlife for a week. It boasts a powerhouse cast of top Chinese acting talent and reunites two of the stars of “Black Coal, Thin Ice.” Releasing in summer, the picture stars Guey Lun-mei (“Black Coal”), Chen Kun (“Mojin: The Lost Legend”), Wang Jingchun (“Black Coal”) and Nana Ouyang (“Beijing Love Story”).

IM Global and Huayi have had a close relationship for the past two years, and the pair have seen Chinese movies increasingly penetrate global markets.

Huayi, one of the first private-sector film companies in China, has become a major movie-centric conglomerate with operations stretching to theme parks, music and fashion. This week it announced the hiring of DreamWorks Animation alumnus Joe Aguilar to head its new Wink Animation division.