TOKYO – U.S.-based animation production company Henshin is developing an animation feature based on Bandai Namco’s “Klonoa” game series.

Henshin founder Rob Pereyda will produce and Hitoshi Ariga will script the film, as well as serve as co-producer and character designer. The announcement was revealed at TIFFCOM, the rights market of the Tokyo Film Festival.

First launched in 1997, the Klonoa series relates the adventures of the cat-like Klonoa and his pals through a dream world.

Ariga previously served as a character designer on the “Pokemon” series, among others, while Pereyda worked at Bandai Namco as a producer on such titles as “Bravoman,” “Mappy” and “Wonder Momo.”

Production start and theatrical release dates for the film has yet to be announced.