TOKYO – Major independent Japanese distributor Gaga has announced its entry into feature production and TV anime production.

One of its first ventures will be “Itazurana Kiss – The Movie,” a live action feature based on a popular 1990s girls’ comic that has previously spawned live-action TV dramas in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand, as well as an anime series in Japan.

Gaga will partner with Korean production company Asia Pictures Entertainment and Tokyo-based music talent agency LDH for production and distribution. Directed by Minoru Mizoguchi, “Itazurana Kiss – The Movie” is set for a fall 2016 release in Japan.

Gaga will become involved in production committees for TV anime shows, starting with two titles that will be announced at the Anime Japan Event on Saturday, March 26. The target is not just Japan but global markets.

The new animation business will be managed by Gaga board member Koji Hyakutake.

On Tuesday Gaga also unveiled its 2016-17 distribution slate, including “Gods of Egypt,” “Room,” “The Neon Demon” and “Voyage of Time.”