MACAU — Not only was the IFFAM’s opening film about dance, the festival continues the theme with “Shining Moment.” The film, directed by veteran Hong Kong-based director and producer Fuit Chan, was a late addition to the competition program.

The film is the story of a gymnast who reframes himself as a Latin dance teacher and assembles a group of kids for a dance competition. His dilemma is whether he can bring the best out of others if he has not fully faced up to his own insecurities.

Chan, whose filmography includes “Durian Durian,” “Public Toilet,” “Hollywood Hong Kong,” “Three Extremes: Dumplings,” and “The Midnight After,” last week gave a master class in Singapore. There he urged independent film makers to balance art with accessibility.

“We need to strike a balance between serious themes and commercial elements. My films are quite entertaining,” he said. “Social and political themes, and children and youth in society, are the most universal themes.”

“Shining Moment” will have its premiere on Sunday Dec. 11. Prizes for the competition section will be announced Tuesday, Dec. 13.