Hong Kong- and Amsterdam-based Fortissimo has expanded its roster of tough food industry documentaries with the pickup of child slavery investigation “The Chocolate Case.”

The film follows three journalists who probe human exploitation within the chocolate industry, try to persuade the large corporations to end the practice, and then develop the first ever “slave-free” chocolate bar called ‘Tony’s Chocolonely’.

Directed by Benthe Forrer, the film is produced by BlazHoffski / Dahl TV, a company which specializes in investigative, food related journalistic programs and is operated by Forre and Maurice Dekkers (“Ants on a Shrimp”.)

It was released theatrically last month in The Netherlands under the title “Tony.” It is expected to have a major international festival premiere later this year.

Fortissimo, which is handling all rights outside of Benelux, previously represented food industry films “Super Size Me” and “Food Inc.” as well as food and beverage appreciation pictures “Ants on a Shrimp,” “Foodies,” and “Kampai: For the Love of Sake.”