European 2D animated film “The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear” is set for release in Asia following the picture’s launch last month at the European Film Market in Berlin.

Sales are handled by LevelK, the Danish sales agency which last year opened a Hong Kong office, headed by Derek Lui.

The film which is now in production, has been pre-sold to South Korea’s Yejilim Entertainment, as well as to Century 21 for Iran and to ADS Service for Hungary and Romania.

The kids and family-targeted film is being co-directed by  Philip Lipsky Einstein (“Ronal The Barbarian”) and Joergen Lerdam (“The Olsen Gang”.) Production on a Euros 3 million budget is by Thomas Heinesen and Trine Heidegaard at Nordisk Film, with animation by A Film (“Albert,” ”Help I am a Fish”.) Nordisk Film Distribution expects to release ”Giant Pear” in late 2017 in its home market.

The children’s book by Jakob Martin Strid, on which the film is based, is to be published in China later this year. It has already been published in 13 countries including Vietnam and Korea, with sales exceeding100.000 copies worldwide.

Finance for the production comes from The Danish Film Institute, Nordic Film and TV Fund, and Danish Broadcasting Corporation.