Controversial French actor-director-comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala was detained Thursday (Jan. 28) as he tried to enter Hong Kong. His two scheduled comedy shows in the territory were cancelled.

The performer has a number of convictions in France and Belgium for racist and anti-Semitic remarks is better known by his stage name Dieudonne.

He arrived at Hong Kong airport at 7.30am after performing for two nights in Thailand.

Dieudonne posted a photograph of the refusal document on his Dieudonne Officiel Facebook page.

“Dieudonné and his two eldest sons (including 1 Minor) are blocked at the police department to Hong Kong for over 14 hours by the French Consulate: the son of dieudonné who recently underwent a surgical procedure and who needs care is in a delicate situation because the authorities deny him the visit to a doctor so that the law make it! Dieudonné should play his show: Dieudonné in peace!” the page said.

It appears that Hong Kong’s immigration authorities were aware of his arrivals and took him immediately into custody. At least one local media source in Hong Kong says that the Immigration Department had been alerted by the French and Israeli consulates in Hong Kong.

The Immigration Department, said it would not comment on individual cases. But in a more general statement the department said it was “committed to upholding effective immigration control by denying the entry of undesirables.”

Dieudonne’s ‘In Peace’ show was booked for two nights at Cyberport, a office and leisure venue on Hong Kong Island.

Other media quote a statement from Dieudonne’s Les Productions de la Plume acknowledging that he was being held at Hong Kong airport with his children and that it was likely he would be deported.

When and to where he would be sent remained unclear as of 6pm local time.

Dieudonne has appeared in numerous films and TV shows. He had a significant supporting role in 2002 comedy “Asterix And Obelix Meet Cleopatra.” A 2012 feature that he directed, “L’antisemite” was banned from the Cannes market.