Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was the first major Hollywood film to be released in China in roughly a month and opened with record breaking fanfare.

The film was given a rare Saturday slot and debuted with a smashing $53.2 million in its opening two days, according to data from box office tracking firm Ent Group. It played 170,000 sessions and was seen by 9.19 million spectators.

With only two days of play, it also dominated the weekly chart, ahead of “Detective Chinatown” on $32 million. After 12 days on release “Detective Chinatown” has amassed a cumulative score of $97.8 million.

“Star Wars” enjoyed $29.7 million on Saturday, followed by $20.2 million on Sunday. Unconfirmed estimates for Monday, suggest a drop to $7.27 million and a score of $60 million after three days.

The week’s left-field success was “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride,” the first episode of the new BBC television series, which clocked up $20.8 million in seven days. In some territories it has been given a two-day theatrical release, but following an October deal between the BBC and Shanghai Media Group, the show is getting a wide release and can run for as long as 30 days.

Retro Chinese drama “Mr Six” slipped to fourth place, but still has considerable legs. It added $19.8 million, and now has a cumulative of $127 million after 18 days.

Previous chart topper, “Mojin: The Lost Legend” claimed a further $12.8 million in fifth place, giving it a blockbuster $252 million after 24 days.

Chinese animation film, “Boonie Bears III” clocked up $3.88 million in extensive previews ahead of a release at the next weekend. The score was good enough for sixth place.

Local comedy, “Devil And Angel” added $1.73 million for a score of $99.7 million after 18 days.

Another Chinese animation, “Door Guardians” added $1.29 million accumulate $11.8 million after 10 days. “Heart For Heaven” added $1.10 million for a cumulative of $12.6 million after 11 days. New horror-thriller, “Strange Battle” released the day before “Star Wars” and took $290,000 in three days.