“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” emerged on top of the Chinese box office chart in its first full week of theatrical play. But in its second weekend it was beaten by local animated feature “Boonie Bears III.”

In the seven-day week to Sunday (Jan. 11-Jan 17) “Star Wars” earned $44.0 million at the Chinese box office, according to local data supplier Ent Group. That lifted its cumulative score to $97.5 million after nine days in Chinese theaters. That followed a powerhouse two-day opening weekend (Jan. 9-10) in which it scored $53 million.

Its second weekend “Star Wars” won the Friday session with $5.43 million, but was beaten into second place on both Saturday and Sunday by kids franchise movie “Boonie Bears III,” which released on Saturday (Jan. 16.)

“Boonie Bears III” scored $8.56 million on Saturday, ahead of the $8.51 million for “Star Wars.” On Sunday (Jan. 17) “Boonie Bears III” earned $6.52 million, against $6.31 million for “Star Wars.” After two days on release, “Boonie Bears III” had a cumulative score of $20.1 million including previews.

On Saturday and Sunday exhibitors gave “Boonie Bears III” some 10% more screenings than “Star Wars,” apparently skewing their product mix to the family market. Preliminary data for Monday (Jan. 18) points to that position being reversed again for the more adult weekday audience.

For the week to Sunday, “Detective Chinatown” took third place with $13.9 million, lifting its cumulative score to $112 million after 18 days.

Friday (Jan. 15) release “Royal Treasure” earned $11.9 million in three days, good enough for fourth place in the weekly table.

“The Last Witch Hunter,” which also opened on Friday took $9.54 million in three days, for fifth place on a weekly view.

Chinese nostalgic drama “Mr Six” proved its long legs with another $6.92 million weekly score, lifting its cumulative to $134 million after 25 days.

“The Secret,” a suspense romancer starring Leon Lai and Wang Luodan, earned $6.32 million in three days.

U.S. psychological drama “Solace” earned $4.49 million in four days to claim eighth place in the weekly chart.

Chinese hit, “Mojin: The Lost Legend” added $3.54 million over the week, to nudge its total to $256 million after 31 days on release.

British TV drama, “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride” added $2.87 million in the week, to extend its 14 day total to $23.7 million.