Hollywood movies occupied the four top spots at the Chinese box office over the weekend, but their scores and the combined cumulative performance were on the low side of ordinary by recent standards.

Alice Through The Looking Glass” opened in top spot with a three day weekend total of $26.3 million, deposing “The Angry Birds Movie.” That compares handsomely with the $34 million total achieved by “Alice in Wonderland” in China in 2010. But China’s box office has boomed since then, making such dated benchmarks almost meaningless.

A more recent comparative is last week’s opening for “Angry Birds,” which achieved $30.2 million.

In its second weekend, the “Birds” movie flapped on to $13.5 million for second place. Its score after 10 days is $51.3 million.

Third place was taken by “Captain America: Civil War” which took $4.3 million over the weekend and edged its cumulative up to $186 million.

“The Divergent Series: Allegiant” slipped from second to fourth with a sophomore weekend score of $2.7 million. After ten days it stands on $16.3 million.

Fifth place was brought up by “Song of the Phoenix.” It earned $1 million for a 24 day total of $11.9 million.