Canadian comics firm Arcana Studios has struck a strategic alliance with China’s Yisang Media and its offshoot Los Angeles-Beijing Studios.

The relationship kicks off with production of animated feature “Pandy.” The story features pandas and aliens and echoes “Cowboys and Aliens,” which was previously overseen by Arcana CEO Sean Patrick O’Reilly. Start of production on “Pandy” through Arcana and LABS was announced Sunday at the Comic-Con event in San Diego.

The finished title will be released in China by China Film Group. The state-owned enterprise is currently finalizing an IPO on the Shanghai stock market.

“International buyers seem to be clamoring for more animated titles and it’s great we can connect with Arcana who has reached a level of quality and technical efficiency that’s in demand right now not only in China but the rest of the world,” said Yisang Media CEO, Chen Baiyi. In 2015, Arcana released the animated feature “Pixies,” starring Christopher Plummer, Bill Paxton and Alexa Vega.

LABS is also in talks to acquire the Arcana comics-based trilogy “Howard Lovecraft And The Frozen Kingdom,” for China distribution. Arcana has completed the first movie of the trilogy for Shout Factory and Lionsgate, starring Jane Curtin, Ron Perlman and Christopher Plummer.

As China and the world demand more family oriented animation, I believe our teamwork with Arcana can bridge the gap between cultures and the need for more comic content,” said LABS COO, Steve Chicorel.