Not for lack of trying, but Taraji P. Henson can’t seem to sell her vaguely Moorish, multistory mini-manse in the Hollywood Hills that she relisted at a soupçon below $3 million. The seasoned boob-tube veteran bought the triple-decker residence in March 2010 for a smidgen under $1.7 million. The property first popped up for sale in December 2015 at $3.25 million before the price dropped substantially to a hair less than $3 million, and was later made available as a luxury lease at $12,000 per month.

The main living spaces are located on the middle level, and include a living room with a carved stone fireplace, a dining room that opens to a large center-island kitchen with carved wood cabinetry, and a game room with wine storage. One of the four en suite bedrooms was converted by Henson to a celebrity-style dressing room with built-in, mirrored wardrobes, custom shoe racks, and a shampoo station, while the top-floor master suite includes a fireplace, a city-view terrace, and a beige stone-tile master bathroom with a steam-equipped shower. On the ground floor, a wee, fairly narrow media room has theater seating, and one of the three garage bays at the street level holds a small collection of fitness equipment. Though tucked into a steep hillside, there’s a flat and grassy bi-level backyard with a spa, and semi-circular seating around a fire pit.

Our research shows that Henson, who bounced around Tinseltown since the mid-1990s and landed on “Person of Interest” and “Boston Legal” before she took on the plummy role of saucy, street-savvy, and unapologetically ruthless “Empire” queen bee Cookie Lyon, continues to own a more modest Spanish-style residence in the unsung Woodbury neighborhood in Glendale, which she scooped up in late 2002 for a bit more than $430,000 and has had on and off the market as a rental the last couple of years, asking between $3,100 and $3,400 per month.

listing photos: John Aaroe Group