BUYER: Michael Keaton
LOCATION: Summerland, CA
PRICE: $5,000,000
SIZE: 18.92 acres with multiple residences

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: On the unquestionably lucrative heels of his resurgent success with the starring role in the 2014 Academy Award winning “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”, veteran television and film actor Michael Keaton made an under-the-radar $5 million purchase, as was first sussed out by the Bizzy Boys at Celebrity Address Aerial, of a hillside ranchette in the rugged mountains above Summerland, CA, a barely there community between the low-key but profoundly expensive beach towns of Montecito and Carpinteria. The deal appears to have gone down off-market and therefore we did not turn up any publicly accessible digital listings for the semi-remote property. Tax records and other online resources, however, indicate the 18.92-acre spread, down a dirt lane that branches off a serpentine private road, has a couple of picayune cottages, a half of a dozen open-air horse stabling blocks, a small fenced pasture and a riding ring, and acres of open space with long views over the ocean.

This would not be the first multi-million dollar property in the area owned by Mister Keaton who previously maintained an unassumingly charming if hardly inexpensive 2,292-square foot cottage on about 1.7 ocean-view acres in Montecito that he bought in 1989 for $1.5 million and sold in 2011 for $3,134,500. The Oscar and Golden Globe nominated actor, scheduled to reprise his role as Betelgeuse in “Beetlejuice 2” and soon to appear as McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc in the bio-drama “The Founder,” currently maintains a small but impressive residential portfolio that includes a sprawling ranch house on a double-gated parcel on a bluff that overlooks the fancy pants Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades that he’s owned since 1987 when it was purchased for $1,327,500 as well as a 1000-plus acre Big Sky spread along the snaking West Boulder River between Billings and Bozemen near itty-bitty McLeod, MT, where some of the other high-profile people who own scenically situated properties in the area include network newsman Tom Brokaw and retired late night chat show host and producer David Letterman.

Photo: Google