SELLER: Estate of Jackie Collins
LOCATION: Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $21,000,000
SIZE: 21,784 square feet, 8 bedrooms, 10 full and 5 half bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: The longtime Beverly Hills mansion of recently passed and profoundly prolific pulp novelist Jackie Collins was sold for a noteworthy $21 million. Impressively high as the sale price may be, it is none-the-less well below the last asking price of $24.5 million and remarkably less than the $30 million price tag the dated but carefully maintained estate was originally and, in hindsight, unrealistically saddled. The deep-pocketed buyer was identified by the plugged in property gossips at The Wall Street Journal as commercial real estate tycoon Ben Nehmadi who, just as we heard from Platinum Triangle snitch Harvy Wallbanger back in early May was about to happen, concurrently acquired the smaller estate next door, also long-owned by Miz Collins and leased for the last decade or so to Hollywood heavy hitter Al Pacino. Various property records databases we perused don’t yet show a transfer of ownership of the smaller property. However, the Wall Street Journal reported that otherwise unidentified “people with knowledge of the transaction” revealed the deal for both properties went down for a total of around $30 million, which suggests the smaller estate went for somewhere in the $9 million range.

Miz Collins, who passed last year at 77 after a six-year bout with breast cancer, custom-built the nearly 22,000-square-foot contemporary behemoth in the early 1990s and marketing materials for the massive manse show there are 8 bedrooms and 10 full and 5 half bathrooms along with vast entertaining spaces and commodious family quarters. A 100-foot long art gallery links the main part of the mansion to a secondary wing that contains a self-contained guest apartment, household offices, gym, and comfortably plush 12-seat screening room. In the center of the massive courtyard around which the house is arranged a gigantic swimming pool and spa inspired by David Hockney’s iconic painting “A Bigger Splash.” In addition to an almost 5,300-square-foot residence with six bedrooms and five bathrooms, the smaller estate includes a guesthouse, swimming pool and tennis court.

A representative of Mister and Missus Nehmadi, who already own a 10,500-ish-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion less than a mile away, told The Wall Street Journal they plan to move in to Miz Collins’ mansion and, though Mister Pacino will “remain in place” as a tenant for now, may in the future use the smaller property for guests.

In addition to the neighboring estates just sold, Miz Collins owned two other multi-million dollar residential properties in Los Angeles: a large but otherwise ordinary 7,537-square-foot mini-mansion in Beverly Hills and an approximately 4,300-square-foot ranch-style home in the Stone Canyon area of Bel Air listed for lease last year at $18,000 per month.

Listing photos: Hilton & Hyland