For those inclined and, more importantly, with the financial wherewithal to do so, it’s not too late to drop a small fortune to rent a lavish beachfront estate on Malibu’s rapidly eroding and, hence, ironically named Broad Beach that’s priced at a knock-your-flip-flops-off price of $150,000/month. Property records show the seaside spread is owned by a corporate entity tied to Tony-nominated theater producer and filmmaker Dale “Chip” Rosenbloom, who took possession of the property after the estate’s previous owner, his mother, Georgia Frontiere — iconoclast former owner of the L.A. Rams football franchise —passed in 2008.

The hulking and not particularly beachy-looking mansard-roofed faux-chateau was designed by celebrated architect Edward H. Fickett, and sits on three beachfront parcels that together measure more than an acre with 120-plus-feet of beach frontage. At nearly 8,000-square feet, the elevator-equipped three-story residence has oversized living and dining rooms, as well as a wood-paneled family room with what listing descriptions call a “saloon.” There are a total of six en suite bedrooms and eight bathrooms, including dual oceanfront master suites. A 400-foot property depth allows for a variety of features rare in most oceanfront homes in Malibu: off-street parking for ten-plus cars; a full-sized, lighted tennis court; and an ocean-side swimming pool. An exterior corkscrew stairway stuck to the backside of the house makes a convenient if vertiginous three-story curl from a small balcony on the top level to a large terrace and soccer-pitch-sized lawn that gives way to rolling dunes.

Several years ago Broad Beach homeowners who include Steve Levitan, Dustin Hoffman, Ray Romano, and Pierce Brosnan, spent tens of millions of dollars out of their own deep pockets to install a mile-long rock revetment, and last year they began a sand replenishing program in a decidedly Herculean and potentially Sisyphean effort to keep the relentlessly advancing Pacific from overtaking their multi-million-dollar beachfront homes.

listing photos: Partners Trust