YouTube users watched more than 140 million videos related to the contentious third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Wednesday night in Las Vegas — up from 124 million for the second debate and the 88 million in the first showdown.

However, peak live viewing of the debate itself on YouTube didn’t match the first Trump-Clinton meeting.

Wednesday’s debate had 1.7 million peak concurrent viewers for YouTube live streams across nine media partners (NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, PBS, C-SPAN, Washington Post, New York Times, Univision and Telemundo), with a total of 2.8 million hours of live video viewed. That was down from a peak of nearly 2 million who watched the first debate on YouTube (and 3 million watch hours) but up from 1.5 million for the second round (2.5 million watch hours).

On TV, the debate registered 71.6 million viewers across 13 networks, according to Nielsen. That put it behind the first Clinton-Trump debate, which pulled in 84 million viewers, but ahead of the second one at 66.5 million (when NBC aired an NFL game instead).

YouTube’s metrics aren’t comparable to TV ratings: The Google-owned video giant is reporting peak viewership — not the average-minute audience for its live streams, which is how Nielsen gauges the size of television audiences. Moreover, the 140 million number includes both live and on-demand views, and not just of the debate itself but commentary and parodies as well.

Still, the surge in overall debate-related YouTube views indicates that interest in the 2016 presidential race has built over the course of the three Clinton-Trump as the election nears Nov. 8 conclusion. The debates were also live-streamed on Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other online-video outlets.

Meanwhile, content-delivery network operator Akamai Technologies said aggregate video traffic for broadcasters streaming the third matchup between the two candidates was slightly higher than the second debate. Traffic peaked at 3.8 Terabits per second on Wednesday, compared to the 3.6 Tbps peak it measured during the Oct. 9 faceoff.

According to YouTube, the top countries by live viewership of the third debate after the U.S. were Canada, the U.K., Mexico and Australia.

In total, across all three presidential debates, YouTube said it served 8.5 million live watch hours and averaged 1.7 million live peak concurrent viewers. On average, viewers watched the three debates for 22 minutes, with concurrent viewership consistently peaking toward the end of each debate.

In addition, YouTube said election-related searches on the service are at an all-time high, up 547% compared with the same point in time during the 2012 presidential race.