Millennial media brand Young Hollywood announced on Friday the launch of its new division, Younger Hollywood.

The branch will focus on engaging its younger audience by creating content designed specifically for what the next generation desires. Younger Hollywood will leverage Young Hollywood’s existing footprint on online and social platforms — like musical.ly, Snapchat, and Instagram — by connecting younger audiences directly with their favorite stars. It will also look for emerging talent on such platforms, which continue to quickly rise and evolve.

Younger Hollywood will create new series that directly speak to this highly-engaged audience, while also featuring behind-the-scenes interviews and set tours with both traditional and social stars, giving audiences a whole new perspective on how their favorite shows are made, and offering exclusive content with talent from Young Hollywood’s studio.

“Young Hollywood prides itself on being connected with our audience and understanding what they’re looking for” said RJ Williams, Founder and CEO of Young Hollywood. This brand extension marks our next phase of growth as we plan to maximize the value of our content creation through the rollout of multiple verticals in the coming months.”

Tracy Behr, VP of Marketing & Brand Strategy at Young Hollywood, is spearheading the content for Younger Hollywood.

In addition to launching the new division, Robert Sorkin has been brought in to become head of business development at Young Hollywood to help oversee the brand’s expansion. Younger Hollywood is the first of many channels being planned that will be rolled out through the rest of the year.

Young Hollywood has already launched a series on musical.ly which is garnering over 1,300,000 views and over 40 million likes on a single live broadcast. They will also debut “Flashback Live,” which will give fans a behind-the-scenes recap of everything that happens during Young Hollywood’s live broadcasts and feature special call-outs for fans who were active participants in the live broadcast itself.

You can find the website here http://youngerhollywood.com/