Chinese consumer electronics upstart Xiaomi debuted its first-ever product designed for U.S. consumers Monday: The company started to sell a streaming device called Mi Box for $69 on its website.

Xiaomi’s Mi Box supports 4K video playback as well as HDR. The device ships with a remote control with internal microphone for voice search. Xiaomi first announced the product at Google’s Google I/O developer conference earlier this year.

Mi Box is based on Google’s Android TV, which gives it access to apps for most popular streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and others. In addition, Android TV also supports Google’s Cast technology, adding the ability to launch media playback from thousands of mobile apps.

Google hasn’t had much luck with standalone Android TV devices. The company’s Nexus Player was discontinued earlier this year, and Razer’s Android TV device failed to take off as well.

Xiaomi’s bargain price could help to change this. Competitors like Apple, Roku and Amazon typically sell their devices with similar features for a lot more. Roku’s new Premiere Plus streamer with 4K and HDR support sells for $100. Consumers who also want a remote control with voice search even need to spend $130 for the new Roku Ultra. Apple TV, which doesn’t support 4K or HDR, starts at $149.