A swarm of jellyfish. A time-lapse video of Manhattan’s skyline. A floating rubber duck. The videos featured on Moodica.com, the latest website from Warner Bros-owned digital video venture DramaFever, aren’t exactly chock-full of action. And yet, there’s something to them that makes you watch while your mind starts to wonder — which is exactly what Moodica is banking on.

That’s because Moodica, which quietly launched earlier this summer as a beta preview, is all about chilling. Or “escape on demand,” as the site calls it. The preview site currently features a number of atmospheric videos full of HDR-heavy footage played as endless loops. Moodica has also posted a series of clips to Facebook over the past couple of months, where it is being described as offering “strangely satisfying videos that set the mood.”

DramaFever CEO Seung Bak told Variety that Moodica is purely an experiment for the time being, and stressed that it may never turn into an actual product. However, the company is clearly prepared to take Moodica further if it turns out that there is real demand for this kind mind-pleasing online video fare: DramaFever registered a trademark for Moodica back in March.

How DramaFever would monetize Moodica is still very much an open question. The company launched its first video venture back in 2009, and has since become a household name as a subscription service for Korean dramas. Warner Bros. acquired the New York-based video startup in February, and has since made it part of its Warner Bros. Digital Networks group, which is looking to launch new subscription video services.

But would people really pay to watch a bunch of jellyfish swim by?

Then again, these videos are, as Moodica’s Facebook page puts it, “oddly satisfying.” And with always-connected TVs in an ever-increasing number of living rooms, maybe there actually is room for this kind of escape on demand.