Playing video files on Apple TV just got a lot easier: VLC, long cherished by its users as an app with support for a wide variety of video formats, officially launched on Apple TV Tuesday.

The new app supports playback of local video files as well as files stored on a computer or network-attached storage drive within the same network. Users can also play online videos with VLC, and there are plans to add support for a variety of cloud storage services soon.

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VLC for Apple TV also offers support for a variety of subtitle formats, making it possible to play languages read from right to left like Arabic and Hebrew. Music playback is being enhanced by lyrics and album art, which can be automatically downloaded from the web.

VLC has a long and at times tumultuous history with regards to support for Apple’s devices. The app, which is being built by a community of open source developers without any commercial motives, first launched on the App Store in 2011, but disappeared son after due to licensing conflicts.

However, the developers of VLC seem to have since overcome these problems, and have since launched VLC versions of iPhone and iPad. The app is also available on Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and Chrome OS.