Los Angeles-based virtual reality (VR) startup Visionary VR has raised a $6 million series A round of funding from DFJ, the Venture Reality Fund, BDM, Greycroft and others. This comes after Visionary raised close to $600,000 as part of a friends and family round in 2015.

CEO Gil Baron and CCO Jonnie Ross told Variety on Tuesday that they want to use the money to further grow their team, which currently consists of 15 people, as well as build out the product.

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Visionary is in the process of building a content creation tool for VR that focuses on storytelling. “It’s VR story creation for everyone,” said Ross. The two co-founders didn’t want to reveal too many details about the platform, but here’s a first preview video shared by the company last year:

Baron said that he first tried the Oculus Rift back in 2014, and recalled that he was immediately blown away by the technology and its potential for storytelling. “It was like looking through a crystal ball,” he said.

Two years later, headsets like the Rift are finally reaching consumers, which why it is ever more important to have tools for storytellers available, argued Baron. He said, “2016 is going to be a really important year for VR.”