In response to Christina Grimmie’s shooting Friday, the upcoming VidCon convention is increasing security for its panels, which includes banning fans from approaching panelists, speakers and creators after the panel. The YouTube and “The Voice” star was shot at a meet-and-greet after her concert in Orlando.

“This has been an awful weekend for our community and our world. Christina Grimmie was an innovator, and an artist, and she was so so kind. Losing her is devastating. And the attack in Orlando likewise drives home how much hate there is in the world,” wrote VidCon organizers in a Tumblr post. “It’s awful. These things seem impossible, but they are real.”

There will be at least 450 security guards in attendance, which is twice as many as last year, and each panel will have three security guards. There will also be undercover police and random bag checks throughout the duration of the three-day conference. The entire perimeter of VidCon spaces will be fenced. Meet and Tweet attendees will have to pass through a metal detector.

“Previously, after panels many fans have come up to give creators gifts or letters or to ask questions and talk. This will no longer be a thing. Creators won’t be able to linger after panels and the audience will not be allowed to approach the panelists. This sucks; obviously, we don’t want to build a wall between creators and their communities, but it is unfortunately necessary,” they wrote.

“As in all years we want VidCon to be fun, but you can’t have fun without being safe, and the VidCon Team is committed to making sure that everyone’s safety is the number one priority,” they added.


VidCon will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center from June 23-25.