Viacom, which has been working to broaden its toehold in digital media, said it had struck a pact with social-media company Snapchat that will allow the New York entertainment conglomerate to sell U.S. advertising for Snapchat and bundle it into packages with its TV clients.

The deal also has a content component, creating two new channels to the Snapchat venue known as “Discover.” Viacom will launch a Comedy Central International channel and an MTV channel in the U.S., which will stand with the Comedy Central and MTV International Discover channels Viacom has already launched. Viacom also has agreed to provide Snapchat with expanded access so Snapchat can produce content related to some of  Viacom’s tentpole events.

The announcement was reported previously by the Wall Street Journal.

The MTV channel on Snapchat launched Tuesday and is slated to include MTV News articles and video with design and art direction unique to Snapchat, as well as exclusive celebrity interviews. MTV is also developing additional content expressly for Snapchat, including  original series and what the company billed as “reinvented MTV fan-favorite franchises.”

The Comedy Central channel will launch Wednesday, and is slated to include curated “WTF News” articles and exclusive videos with comedians, as well as  original series set to debut on Snapchat Discover in the coming year.

As part of the pact, Snapchat will have heightened access to cover some of the most popular events on Viacom’s TV networks, which include MTV’s Video Music Awards, BET Experience and MTV’s EMAs. Snapchat will do this through its “Live Stories,” which are curated collections of user-submitted content.

Viacom said the pact developed in part out of a relationship the companies had struck thanks to ad campaigns developed by Viacom that used Snapchat as a component.