United Entertainment Group and CitizenNet are partnering on a new initiative that evaluates influencers’ social clout and matches them with the right brands for usage in marketing campaigns.

The companies announced the UEG f(IQ) Score and Social Media Planner tools Wednesday at Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit. These tools combine a big-data approach with strategic insights to help brands find the right personalities to get their messages across.

UEG f(IQ) Score provides a statistical analysis of any overlap between the digital audiences of a brand and an influencer, then combines them with insights that gauge factors including cost effectiveness, professionalism and brand partiality. Social Media Planner maps out where audience can engage with a given influencer campaign to maximize their exposure and effectiveness.

“There’s been a lack of transparency and accountability ,” said Joshua Kaplan, director of properties and ventures at UEG. “I think the opportunity is to take those obstacles and solve them with the combination of technologies we have available.”

UEG is a joint venture between UTA and DJE Holdings.