YouTube and social-media star Tyler Oakley has launched a weekly celebrity talk show on Ellen DeGeneres’ digital network, with singer Celin Dion and actress Kerry Washington as his first featured guests.

“The Tyler Oakley Show” — marking his first major video foray off YouTube — is the initial project under the multiplatform partnership Oakley and DeGeneres announced earlier this year. The overall development deal will encompass original content across multiple digital platforms.

Oakley’s show debuts on the Ellen Digital Network on Wednesday, Sept. 21. In the first episode, which can be viewed on EllenTube here, he and singer Celine Dion play “a bowl of questions” and Tyler gets close to having his first kiss with a woman. Oakley also welcomes “Scandal” star Kerry Washington, who plays a game of word association, and Ellen DeGeneres makes an appearance to help Tyler create a signature sign-off for his first show, which runs just under six minutes.

Upcoming guests on “The Tyler Oakley Show” are scheduled to include Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen, Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine, Carrie Underwood and Scott Eastwood.

Oakley, who is also the best-selling author of “Binge,” has more than 8 million YouTube subscribers on over 22 million followers across social media. One of the most influential LGBTQ vloggers, Oakley also co-hosts a weekly podcast, “Psychobabble,” and was featured in Awesomeness Films’ 2015 documentary “Snervous.”

“I’m so excited for the launch of Tyler’s new series. I can only imagine what it’s like to host your own talk show!” quipped DeGeneres, who is a massive digital star in her own right.

Oakley, for his part, said about DeGeneres: “She has embraced the digital age and understands what I have been able to accomplish on my social platforms. We both are working toward a common goal: to usher in audiences to a new age where both traditional and digital media platforms collide, and I couldn’t have found a better partner to achieve that with.”

Ellen Digital Ventures is a joint venture between DeGeneres and the Warner Bros. Television Group. According to EDV, EllenTube.com and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” official website EllenTV.com generate more than 105 million page views monthly. On YouTube, “The Ellen Show” channel averages more than 300 million views per month from more than 17 million subscribers and DeGeneres is the most-followed TV host on Twitter (with more than 62 million followers) and Facebook (more than 25 million likes).