Amazon-owned video game streaming service Twitch is going ad free as part of a new perk for Prime members. Called Twitch Prime, the program also offers Amazon Prime subscribers free same-day game delivery, free access to one paid Twitch channel per month, digital games and other benefits.

Amazon officially announced the new Prime perk at TwitchCon, a event for gamers and other users of the popular video game streaming service. Twitch also used the event to announce a number of product additions, with the most important one being the ability to upload videos.

Up until now, Twitch has only been a platform for live streams. With the new upload feature, users can also publish key moments of their game videos, or even other game-related content with higher production values. Video uploads allow Twitch to more directly compete with YouTube, and become the default platform for video gamers that also produce non-live content.

Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon two years ago,  has close to 10 million daily active users. More than 2 million users stream their gameplay on the platform every single month. The company has struck partnership agreements with more than 15,000 of its users to monetize their streams on a revenue-sharing basis.