Tongal, a startup whose platform lets creators and brands develop premium digital video, signed a representation deal with UTA under which the agency will explore new opportunities for Tongal’s community of 100,000 independent writers, directors, producers and animators.

Under the pact, according to the parties, UTA will help develop deeper relationships between Tongal and studios, networks, digital publishers, advertising agencies and brand marketers. In addition, UTA will expand Tongal’s offering by bringing more traditional talent into its crowdsourced-content ecosystem.

UTA also will assist Tongal in forming a network of creators in the virtual reality landscape as well as expand opportunities for Tongal to develop new intellectual property to support, market, enhance or reinvent films and franchises for digital audiences.

“Tongal was built to discover creative talent around the world, and provide those people with exciting opportunities to create content for incredible brands and businesses,” said James DeJulio, co-founder, president and chief creative officer at Tongal. “This relationship with UTA amplifies the opportunities that Tongal can bring to both its global creative community and its clients.”

“There is an increasing number of companies, including many brand advertisers, looking to move further upstream in the content development, financing and distribution business,” said Brent Weinstein, UTA partner and head of digital media. “At the same time, as a result of democratizing technologies, more and more individuals have the opportunity to build careers as professional artists. Tongal has built a platform that bridges that gap, connecting professional artists with new opportunities, and helping brands and media companies identify new creative partners.”

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Tongal, founded in 2008, has executed 1,000 projects to date for clients including Lionsgate, Lego, Anhueser-Busch, Procter & Gamble, General Mills and NASA.