T-Mobile is expanding its Binge On program to cover data consumption from more music and video services: Participating T-Mobile customers can now also stream audio from Amazon Prime Music as well as ESPN Radio and video from Epix, Nickelodeon, Spike, Dailymotion and Viki as well as a handful of other services without having their usage count against their mobile data caps.

Altogether, Binge On and its audio counterpart, which the company calls Music Freedom, now encompass more than 100 music and video services, according to T-Mobile. The mobile carrier also released some new stats Tuesday, highlighting that consumers have streamed more than 90 billion songs since the program’s launch in June 2014. Presently, consumers stream 210 million songs per day via the program, according to the carrier.

Consumers have also streamed more than 190 million hours of video since T-Mobile added video streaming to the program in late 2015. On average, consumers watch twice as much video with Binge On than without.

Binge On doesn’t just offer consumers free streaming data; the program also lightens the load on T-Mobile’s network by limiting streams to 480p videos, which roughly equals DVD quality. T-Mobile also streams videos from services that don’t participate in Binge On at this bitrate, but still counts those streams against a user’s data caps.

Google initially protested this policy, alleging that T-Mobile was throttling streams from its YouTube video service. But the two sides have since come to an agreement, and YouTube joined Binge On last month. T-Mobile also offers video providers a way to opt out of the program.