Just ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico to meet with the country’s President Enrique Pena Nieto, Stephen Colbert called out Trump’s flip-flopping stance on immigration during his “Late Show” segment “Werd.”

“For years, politicians have been so afraid of immigration that they wouldn’t take any position. Now Donald Trump has taken two…. This is not flip-flopping. He’s not saying ‘up,’ then changing his mind to ‘down’. His position is a firm up-down,” Colbert said.

Colbert dedicated his segment to proving the extent of Trump’s changing stance on immigration. At first he held a very rigid stance but that may not be working in his favor according to Colbert.

“From the very beginning, Trump’s campaign has been based on two things: He’s based it on ‘build the wall,’ and ‘deport ’em all,'” Colbert said. “That worked great in the primaries, but just look at any recent poll. Trump’s numbers have shrunk.”

Trump recently told conservative political pundit Sean Hannity that there could be a “softening” in his immigration stance, a word that Colbert took full advantage of in his segment.

“Yes, there could be a softening. It happens to a lot of men his age,” Colbert said as the phrase “Electile Dysfunction” appeared onscreen. “But the next day, he went soft on the softening.”

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Trump went from saying it was a “softening” to an actual “hardening.” Colbert further expressed how Trump’s positions on pretty much every topic come in twos.

“Trump has promised to bring overseas jobs back to America, and at the same time his shirts are made in Bangladesh, his ties in China, his suits in Mexico,” Colbert said. “Whatever you believe, Trump agrees with you. I don’t know why he’s not getting 100 percent of the vote.”