Spotify rolled out another of its video formats Thursday with the release of  “Landmark – Metallica: The Early Years.” The four-part short-form documentary chronicles the first four years of the iconic rock band, and features interviews with band members as well as historic footage.

The first episode of “Metallica: The Early Years” was released on YouTube Thursday; the following three episodes are only available through Spotify’s mobile app. The documentary is also only available to Spotify users in the US, UK, Sweden and Germany for now. There’s no word yet on when Spotify plans to bring the show to audiences in additional markets.

Spotify has been looking to get more video onto its platform for some time. The service announced a first slate of 12 shows, which included the now-published Landmark documentary, in May. Other titles announced at the time include a mockumentary about electronic dance music, an animated show about music history and a show about crimes that involved famous musicians.

Part of the reason that Spotify is going into video is that the company is looking to differentiate itself from other music services. However, other Apple Music in particular has started to venture into original video content as well. This week, news broke that Apple has struck a deal with Cash Money Records, which is home to artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj, to produce a documentary about the record label.